A six week journey to discovering where you come from, the medicine you carry in your bones and the ways to honour and heal your lineage.

Have you ever wondered what your ancestors went through and how it has affected you?

Do you sometimes feel a deep sense of fear, anxiety or pain that you can't figure out where it came from?

Do you want to have kids or are you already a parent? Do you worry about passing down negative patterns, beliefs and stories to them?

You are not alone.

Most of the trauma that we are currently dealing with often has strong roots in our early life and the way we were raised, or in a past life of which we may have no conscious awareness. The idea that a person’s life can be affected by what their ancestors went through is not new; but it has only recently been remembered.

Ancestral Trauma generally refers to the ways in which trauma experienced in one generation affects the health and well-being of descendants of future generations.

Ancestral trauma roots are diverse and could range from war, infidelity, mental anxiety, and immigration, just to name a few.

This pain may have been passed down, along with other pieces of information.

If you feel sad or have experienced a lot of anxiety and can’t see how or why this pain has become a mainstay in your life, finding out about ancestral trauma will shed light on what is going on.


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The Transforming Ancestral Trauma program is a cohesive 6 week course that teaches individuals dealing with ancestral trauma or other inherited patterns to identify the stories and beliefs that they carry, creating acceptance and ultimately transformation.

The course is designed to equip you with the tools needed to transform, heal, and rise above this inheritance that has caused you so much pain, fear and doubt.

Get in on the Early bird price from Sept 1 to September 7 for only $225.

After September 7, the price goes $299.

Be one of the first 15 to receive a free one on one healing.


  • Those experiencing Anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues

  • Those experiencing Trauma and/or fear

  • Those with unexplained or Inherited disease

  • Those with Unhealthy family dynamics

  • Those who worry about passing stuff on to their kids

  • Those who wish to grow and evolve

Your Ancestors are Waiting

Heal yourself, your family and the world

In this course you will

  • Connect with your Ancestors

  • Discover how to work with the medicine they offer

  • Learn how to heal the trauma and limiting patterns you have inherited.

  • Track your ancestors and discover their stories

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Preparing to Meet The Ancestors, What is Ancestral Trauma

    • What is Ancestral Trauma and how to prepare for this work

    • Ancestoral Altar Building

    • Week one workbook

    • Self Care Checklist

    • Somatic Exercises to Support your work

    • Opening Ritual

    • Ancestor Song

  • 2

    How is Ancestral Trauma passed down?

    • How is Ancestral Trauma passed down?

    • Presentation slides

    • Week Two workbook

    • Guided Meditation

    • Guided Meditation (written)

    • Live visualization

  • 3

    Connecting with the Ancestors

    • Connecting to your Ancestors

    • Week Three workbook

    • Guided Visualization

    • Guided Visualization (written)

    • Drum Journey

  • 4

    Identifying our Unique Ancestral Beliefs and Traumas

    • Identifying Ancestral Trauma

    • Week four workbook

    • Tonglen Meditation

    • Drum Journey for healing

  • 5

    How to Heal Ancestral Trauma

    • Intro to healing Ancestral Trauma

    • Workbook

    • Group healing

    • group healing (audio)

    • Ho'oponopono

    • Cord cutting Video

    • Cord cutting journey (audio)

    • Instinctive center clearing video

    • Instinctive center clearing (audio)

  • 6

    Rituals to heal your Ancestral line

    • Rituals and Healing

    • How to create a Ritual

    • Death Ritual

    • Despacho Ritual

    • A Ritual to lay your burdens down

    • Drum journey (audio)

    • Closing Ritual

  • 7

    Additional Resources

    • Ancestral Healing Resources

What is included in the course?

  • Video lessons

    Each week you will receive a new video lesson where you will learn about the topic and ways to work with it. Full transcripts included.

  • Self Reflection Workbooks

    With each lesson a workbook is included to help you uncover the personal lessons, beliefs and information you need to heal and move forward.

  • Meditations and Drum Journeys

    With each lesson you will get a meditation or a live drum journey to connect more deeply with your ancestors and the medicine they offer.

  • Exercises to heal trauma

    You will learn several different exercises and practices to work with and heal the trauma that you are carrying from your ancestors.

Connect with your ancestral medicine

Grab over $1000 worth of services for just $299

What you will get from this course?

  • You will feel freer, clearer and more grounded

  • You will be more connected to your ancestors and their stories

  • You will feel more prepared to step into conscious conception

  • You will have more capacity as a child and parent to actively heal family patterns

  • You will have resources to work with anything that comes up as you continue to work with your ancestors

  • You will find acceptance and understanding for what you have inherited and tools to transform this inheritance

Bonus Material

  • 1:1 Healing ($150 value)

    For the first 15 people to sign up to the course, you will get the chance to dive deeper into this work with a one on one shamanic healing with Marika Hall. This healing will allow you to further break through the patterns and barriers you may be experiencing in clearing your Ancestral trauma. As well as getting insights into the specific medicine of your ancestors.

  • Opening and Closing Rituals ($200 value)

    To begin and end this journey together, you will be lead through a live group ritual to call in the support of Great Spirit, our ancestors, guides and angels. These rituals will weave together our work and the intentions that you each have for doing this work and the support to continue this course throughout your life. Both Rituals will be recorded.

  • Group Healing ($150 value)

    All participants will be invited to a live group healing to help clear any blockages you are experiencing, open your heart to the medicine of your ancestors, reweave your DNA and gather collective wisdom from the group's ancestors. The healing will be recorded.


  • When will the course begin and end?

    The course will begin on the Autumn Equinox on Sept 22, 2020 with an opening ritual and will close on Samhain Oct 31, 2020 with a closing ritual.

  • How long is the course?

    The course is mapped out over six weeks but you can take as much time as you need with it. You will have access for the lifetime of the course.

  • How is this course run?

    This course is intended to be taken entirely online so you can take it from anywhere in the world. The live components will all be online via zoom.

  • What if I can't make the live components?

    All live components will be recorded and delivered to you later that day so you can participate. The energy field of these rituals, healings and drum journeys will incorporate all the people who you are with on the course and their ancestors.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    You will have access to it for the lifetime of the course. At least 12 months.

  • What if I am struggling with the course?

    Tools are provided throughout the course to help you navigate any challenges that might come up. There is also a group board for each lesson to share and the group healing and rituals to help support you. Working with a friend or family member as you do the course can also be helpful.

  • Is there a payment plan?

    Yes, payment plans are available. Please contact me directly to set up a plan that works best for you. marikarhall@icoud.com

  • Are there any scholarships for the course?

    Yes, I will be offering 5 scholarships to the course for BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and those struggling with mental health challenges that cannot afford the course. If this is you please email me directly for an application. marikarhall@icloud.com

Take this course for yourself to have the greatest experience of life possible.

Do it for those that have come before you, and those who will come after you – AND DO IT FOR YOU.

Live your best live now!!!

Get in on the Early bird price from Sept 1 to September 7 for only $225.

After September 7, the price goes $299. (Payment Plan available)

First 15 people get a free one on one healing. 

If Not Now When?

You ancestors are speaking to you every day.



Marika Hall

Marika Reid Hall RAc, HDP, BA is a Mama, Acupuncturist, Shamanic Practitioner, Holistic Doula and Ceremony Creatrix who is dedicated to helping people return to self through finding connection with their bodies, spirit and the rhythms of nature. She has been fascinated by the herstory of her ancestors and how their lives, traumas, beliefs and stories have shaped her life; from her genetics to her own beliefs. Through her work as a Doula, Shamanic Practitioner and Acupuncturist, she has seen how the imprinting of patterns from the ancestors can affect our lives and how these can be understood and cleared to create more acceptance, freedom and joy.


Jordan Wald

“Marika lives and breathes her practice. Her ceremonies embody her vision of our world – a place where love, insight and truth become experience. She brings her kind heart and warm nature to every interaction. The ceremonies Marika performs are rich with depth and introspection. Shared events foster community and kinship; social aspects that many of our lives are in dire need of. For an encounter as personal as individualized healing, I trust Marika implicitly.”

Phyllis Fisher

“When Life gets crazy and stress starts to creep into every corner of my life I know all is well – Marika is only a phone call away. I can create my own Sacred Space in Alberta and connect with Marika by phone from her Sacred Space in Victoria and together we can travel the Shamanic dimensions. I always come away more peaceful, grounded, connected, aware and most of all Grateful. Grateful for her knowledge, service and dedication on the Healing Path. Grateful for the opportunity to explore the vast potential of blessings and healing awareness as we come together from the level of Spirit, Ceremony and Song.”

Kali Moon

“From the moment you meet her until the close of your session, Marika offers a strong and gentle presence that radiates safety, harmony, and nourishment. She grounds you in guided meditation before she begins working within the sacred, placing the needles softly in your body. Working in tandem with the medicine of the needles, Marika calls forth other shamanic medicine tools such as feathers, tobacco, spirit songs and more to guide you on an incredibly supportive and healing journey for your mind, body and soul. Not only will you be receiving the physical benefit of the acupuncture itself, you will also be held mentally and emotionally in the sacred container that she provides. My partner and I are fortunate enough to be working with Marika as a birth doula and I can’t recommend her services enough! “

Britany Bexson

“Marika has been a lifeline for me in one of the most difficult periods of my life. I am an RN that is suffering from work induced PTSD, and duet to my training I was skeptical of alternative healthcare practices. The medical system was failing to support me and my RMT suggested I see Marika, and now I could not be more grateful for her practice. With my first session I had astonishing and immediate physical results, with notable mental relief. On more than one occasion, Marika has been able to take me from a severely anxious/panicked state to feeling calm and grounded. She is incredibly knowledgeable and can explain every step with deep understanding and passion. Marika truly cares for her patients and it shows in every moment of her sessions. She has made an incredible difference in my life.”

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